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gEMRpro is an unique, delivery-centric interface that allows Physicians and Staff Members to effortlessly perform the necessary EMR/EHR tasks. We are the preferred EMR/EHR vendor for Outpatient Physicians delivering higher productivity and efficiency for them.

Practice Management

The Practice Management services are your live, in-house partner guaranteeing you practice management efficiencies. We create customizable patient scheduling services so you can view and schedule patients across multiple platforms. You can monitor each patient visit for key time delays and benchmark key reminders for each specific.

Document Management

gEMRpro offers a versatile solution for storing, importing, organizing, scanning, editing and renaming documents, etc. Categorizing and efficiently getting documents into the electronic health record represents a significant challenge for many practices. gEMRpro’s Document Management was built to meet that challenge by offering significant efficiency.


The e-Prescription in gEMRpro, with a connectivity to the number of Pharmacies across US, to send electronic medical prescriptions and receive refill requests. With our easy to navigate UI, you can search drugs by name and can shortlist based on dose form. Our system will also interact with drug-to-drug and drug allergies.

Lab Integration

We provide Secure means for electronic lab order submissions and receipts of lab results. Submit Patient lab orders directly from gEMRpro and Receive Patient test results. Share the results directly with patients via the patient portal and reduce the follow up times.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal gives patients 24×7 access to their medical information from the comfort and privacy of their own home or office. Facilitate your patients to securely access their updated clinical records, View date and time of upcoming appointments, check laboratory results, radiology reports, send and receive email information to Physician and vise-versa, anytime and anywhere.

Revenue Cycle Management

Let us ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for the clinical care you provide. With a clear interface that allows you to track – in real-time – patient claims, you can see how quickly you are being compensated, and exactly what amount.