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Electronic Medical Records:

“Everything your hospital/clinic do with using paper can be transformed to digital form without compromising your current specialities based workflow. Our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is designed and integrated to the system in a way that reduces usage of paper based records and setting up your own customized hospital/clinic workflows.

Our EMR solution offers fully customizable, Specialty based templates, greater access to the care team and more.

* Centralized Patient Record
* Customizable Templates
* Prescription pad
* Lab order/Imaging
* Vital charts
* Device connectivity
* Supports in-house Pharmacy & Lab
* Document management
* Patient Summary
* HIPAA compliant
* Cloud based EMR to access anywhere
* ONC Certified

Revenue Cycle Management

Our carefully designed solution for Revenue Cycle Management helps you to manage your Hospital/clinic revenue efficiently while not losing your focus on patient health. We provide solutions you need to increase efficiency and get your services paid sooner. Our application enable your billing staff with a clear oversight of patient’s billing/payments across all the revenue sources of your hospital.

* Revenue Report by Periods – Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Anual
* Revenue Report by department
* Pre-configured Process for Refunding
* Detailed billing history with applicable discounts and Tax
* Smart Billing
* Charge mangement
* Single Click view for summary of Outstanding balanace

Cinical Protocol & Decision support

Clinical protocal and the clinical decision will help in improving the patient care and to avoid the clinical error at every stage in the patient’s journey. This helps healthcare professionals to improve outcomes through evidence-based care.

Our solutions are designed to help the application users and care professionals to adopt the best clinical guidelines and encourage a culture of quality accross organization.

* Better point of care decisions
* Access to diagnostic, drug reference content
* Drug-Drug and Drug-Allergy Interaction


An ultimate telemedicine platform for healthcare professionals to connect with patients 24/7 for appointment booking, phone/video consultation, e-prescription, payments, notifications, health records and more.

* Get access to the doctor anytime anywhere and schedule an appointment with Doctor in few clicks.
* With simplified and easy to use interface, responsive design allows user to seamlessly navigate through out.
* You have the freedom of selecting the type of consultation needed. Patients can select Audio or Video consultation to connect to the Doctor.
* We strictly adhere with compliances that assures your obtained information in the use of telemedicine are encrypted and will not be disclosed.
* Both doctors and patients are notified by SMS and email for appointment, reminders, payments etc.