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Karesmart is a flagship product from Genix in the Healthcare IT space. It is a Hospital Management System to meet the needs of small, mid-sized and large hospitals. Karesmart is a web & mobile based solution with core components, and is customized to the hospital’s unique needs. The company’s unique project management methodology takes the pain out of complex implementations.

The modular and highly scalable application can integrate almost any type of services, systems, departments, clinic, processes, data, communication, that exist in a hospital. Streamline your workflow and boost efficiency with our fully-integrated EHR, Practice management, and Billing solution.

Our Core Components Includes
Hospital Management

Karesmart enable your hospital with up scaled visit management clinical process to improve your operational efficiency with highly traceable and controlled features.

  • Patient Management: Organize your hospital into an integrated practice unit thereby offering faster patient care.
  • Scheduling – OP & OT: Helps in arranging, controlling and optimizing patient flow in the OP & OT for better Hospital efficiency.
  • Facility Management: Enables various facilities within the hospital to provide effective delivery of their services.
  • Digitisation and paper work reduction
  • Operational cost reduction
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Patient satisfaction and retention
  • Reduction in legal issue
  • Internal accountability
Care Management

Our patient-centric workflow designed to give your patients utmost care with 360 degree view to inpatient, outpatient & surgical and other clinic records.

  • Electronic Medical Record :  Transforming manual workflows to digital workflows, helping organizations automate their resources.
  • Clinical Decision & Protocol: Enables better care for the patients by directing care providers using protocols.
  • Care Quality & Support: Various modules within Karesmart will help in better care quality and support.

Up scaled visit management clinical process to improve your operational efficiency with 

  • 360-degree view of your inpatient, Outpatient & Surgical records.
  • Dynamic and Real time reporting on Patient status.
  • High traceability and controlling feature.
  • Single click view templates helps to view entire medical history of a patient which includes vitals, lab reports, e-prescription etc.,

  • Quick access to information
  • Highly customizable template
  • Reduce medical error
  • Easy to use with minimal stroke
  • Personalize medical care
  • Increase patient engagement
Finance Management

Take control of your Hospital/Clinc expenses. Tightly integrated with department-wise revenue sources.

  • Billing: Integrated with IP, OP, Pharmacy and Lab.
  • Payment: Manage advance payment, add/edit GST to the bill.
  • Invoice: Dynamic invoice & receipt templates.
  • Insurance: Outstanding summary+detailed view across patients and insurance.

Revenue report with high transparency across the departments which helps to know the

  • Outstanding summary+ Detailed view across patients and Insurance.
  • Periodic revenue reports with different dashboards.
  • Investment indication to secure the future business with high ROI.
  • Highly compatible to integrate with any accounting software.
  • Dynamic Invoice & receipt template.

  • Single or consolidate billing
  • Billing for all department services
  • Charge, tax and price list setup
  • Service based auto bill generation
  • Insurance invoice generation
  • Various revenue reports
Lab & Radiology

Karesmart enables Labs & Radiology to provide optimum service through Flexible and smart solutions.

  • Lab Order: Dynamic package ordering according to your sales strategy, highly customizable templates to make quick order management.
  • Result & Alert: Single click view of an patient with results. Lab result status alert for application users and SMS/Email alerts to patients.
  • Imaging & Dicom: Digitalized radiology report view through Karesmart.
  • Digitalis-ed Radiology report view through Karesmart.
  • Quick view on pending results for report Collection.

  • Electronic lab order
  • Lab result/image update
  • Medical record documentation
  • Lab equipment integration
  • Critical lab result alert
  • Lab result range and annotation
Pharmacy & Store

Karesmart helps your pharmacy to become more efficient by better inventory management and revenue reports.

  • Inventory: Effective inventory management in Pharmacy with realtime running stock status report, automated low inventory alerts for proactive inventory planning, automated drug expiration alert for drug clearance, uncovering the best selling product to improve sales performance.
  • Dispense: Error free dispensing of medicines to the right patients.
  • Billing/Payment: Revenue report across department.

  • Electronic prescription
  • Track patient fulfillment
  • Medical record documentation
  • Stock management
  • Inventory management
  • Integrated billing
Patient Engagement

Karesmart designed to take care of your patients with high-level engagement and commitment which improves your hospital reliability.

  • Patient Portal: Patient portal enabled with ease to use features such as schedule appointment, consent form filling, generating certificate & access to their medical records which is highly secured.
  • TeleHealth: Helps in providing effective healthcare remotely using our tools.
  • Wellness: Tools to help promote positive patient behavior like regular exercising etc.
  • Notification: Tools to help notify data which would help in preventive care for the patients.
  • Captures the patient review and feedback which reflects on your future business.
  • Tightly Coupled Ward Management take care of your Inpatients increases customer service Index.

  • Patient access to medical record
  • Patient education and awareness
  • Better patient communication
  • Collect accurate patient information
  • Patient appointment and reminder
  • Online doctor consultation
Health Library

Added with number of authentic health resources with mixed media library, your patients will have the access to the right education materials at right time.

  • Patient Education: Educate your patients with our pre-built digital patient education that is accurate and thorough.
  • Learning Management: Considering the patient culture, demographic ethnicity, our application has the options to choose and manage the resources of the digital materials.

  • Patient treatment instruction
  • Patient educational material
  • Clinical protocol instructions
  • Learning material management
  • Share material to Patient
  • eLearning for staff
Data & Analytics

Indicate the scope for investment department or medical facilities to secure the future business with high ROI.

  • Dashboard & Reports: Real-time availability of insights leading to faster decision-making.
  • IOTs: On-time alert is critical in event of life-threatening circumstances. IoT allows devices to gather vital data and transfer that data in to our application which speed up decision-making and is less prone to errors.
  • Data Exchange: Collaborate between departments and measure outcomes and cost for every patient.

  • Permission based dashboard
  • Dashboard custom widget
  • Productivity, Revenue reports
  • Vital data automation
  • Clinical protocol and alerts
  • Public data repository export

Our Solutions Includes

  • Cloud SAAS Solution
  • Highly customizable
  • HIPAA compliances
  • Free upgrades
  • Data security
  • Medical Codes
  • 99% uptime
  • Mobile app
  • 24/7 support